I am passionate about creating events that bring people together to experience the arts, teachers and healers. It brings me joy to fill my home with art, music, wisdom and community.

I was inspired to start Lisa’s Hearth in 2010 when I was living in Granite Bay outside of Sacramento, CA. My property had a large granite rock that contained four deep holes where the Maidu Indians ground acorns for over 1000 years. I imagined the Indians sharing their wisdom and stories around their “hearth” as they ground acorns together. Whenever I was near this sacred grinding stone I was energized, and I felt my calling to gather community in my home to “grind acorns” together. The spirit of the grinding rocks came with me when I relocated to my new home in the Oakland Hills in November 2015. My new hearth has a light-filled, open space for gatherings, great acoustics for musical events, and stunning views of the San Francisco skyline, Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.

As I transition away from a 30 year career in high-tech and with my two children graduated from college and living away from home, I look forward to this next phase of my life – opening my heart and hearth to community, loving deeply, connecting with friends and family, dancing, painting, making music, traveling with wild abandon, and being in service.

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Lisa Wade Shares About the Hearth