Meet Your Muse - Painting Workshop
with Lauren Catalina Adorno-Weatherford (See event)

Lessons for the Living from the Bedsides of the Dying
with Judith Redwing Keyssar (See event)

Medicine Voice Concert with Maniko and Friends (See event)

One Good Egg: A Love Story
A solo show written and performed by Elaine Gale
(See event)

Jami Sieber in Concert with Michaelle Goerlitz (percussion)
(See event)

Concert with Jami Sieber, cellist & vocalist. Joined by Michaelle Goerlitz, percussionist (See event)

Sensual Cooking: Cooking, Sensuality and Connection
with Denise Reynolds (See event)

Love Your Body for Good with Laura Fenamore (See event)

House Concert with Vocalist Debi Ruud (See event)

Being an Inspired Messenger: Deepening our Intuition to Create the Life of Our Dreams with Mellissa Seaman (See event)

We Act! An Inspirational Talk  with Craig Kielburger – Co-Founder of Free the Children (See event)

Unblocking Creativity with Sharon Gainsburg, artist (See event)

A Taste of Diamond Voice: Facets of Voice and Self-Expression
with Maniko (See event)

LOVELAND – Comedy Performed with Ann Randolph (See event)

Writing Workshop with Ann Randolph (See event)

Writing Life: Tell the Greatest Story of Your Life with Chris Wells
(See event)

Radical Embodiment - Owning your Power with Magdalena Curtis
(See event)

"A Taste of Malta" - Poetry, Song and Food with Maltese Poet Marlene Saliba. Special Guest Singer/Songwriter Jennifer Berezan (See event)

Soulful Cooking around the Hearth with Denise Reynolds
(See event)

House Concert with Vocalist Debi Ruud (See event)

Solo Theater Performances with Jesse Wilson (See event)

Living a Whole Hearted Life with Eva Ghion (See event)

Drumming Playshop with Doug Crawford and Sue Anne Bennett
(See event)

Discovering the Artist Within with Carol Levow (See event)

Shamanic Sound Healing with Vibrational EFT with Victoria and Gray
(See event)

Movement as Medicine (See event)
Fundraiser with Dance, Yoga and Art

John Brewer and DeAnna Torres (See event)
Compassionate Communication: Speaking the Language of the Heart

Magdalena Metara CurtisRadical Embodiment (See event)

Jami Sieber
in Concert, Electric Cello and Vocals with Special Appearance by Harpist Lorin Grean. A benefit for the International Women's Partnership for Peace and Justice (See event)

Vivian Lee
in Concert - Jazz to Feed Your Soul (See event)

Paula Denham
An Experiential Introduction to Shamanic Practice (See event)

Taste of Diamond Voice: Facets of Voice & Self-Expression (See event)

MaMuse in Concert
(See event)

Julia Tindal
Awakening Heart Consciousness (See event)

Maniko in Concert
(See event)

Deng Jongkuch, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan
(See event)
"A Story of Hope" - Book Reading and Open House

Sami Kader
The Anti-Diet for the Holidays (See event)

Happy Oasis Finding Your Bliss (See event)

Movement as Medicine - An Outdoor Community Event
(See event)
Sponsored by Body Joy

Eva Ghioni Dream Tending (See event)

Daleela Claiming Your Tribal Self (See event)

Michael Bayard
Drumming circle and sound healing

Daleela Belly Dancing Workshop

Bella Driezler 5Rhythms dance introduction

Laura Fenamore How to have a body you love

Marie Donner
Ssurvivor of Holocaust as one of the children of the KinderTransport

Deb Marois and Nancy Guenther Sexuality and intimacy workshop

Dr. Connie Rodriguez Energy medicine for self-healing

Lisa Schrader Shakti: Unleash the Sacred Sensual Feminine

Jami Sieber Electric and acoustic cellist, vocalist and composer

Ginny Thrall The Power of Loving Touch: Intro to basic massage

Bill Walker Piano concert

Lauren Weatherford Introduction to Reiki Healing

Cara Wilson-Granat Author of “It Takes a Lot of Sh*t to Make A Garden Grow”, “Nature Teachers” and “Dear Cara: Letters from Otto Frank”

Eda Zavala Medicine woman from Amazon rainforest in Peru

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